The Georgia Recovery Community will speak to Georgia residents in a virtual meeting scheduled for Thursday.  The importance of mental health and recovery programs as well as the reality of a crisis in the recovery community.

The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA) has called on all government leaders to support expanded resources for recovery to prevent a catastrophic crisis in increased cases of new active addictions, relapse from recovery, and an increase in mental health challenges.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact in our state, including the state Budget. With historic cuts across the board, the recovery community of Georgia aims to show the General Assembly that the people of Georgia support peer-led recovery programs. “Georgia must have more resources to address issues surrounding Substance Use Disorder,” stated Jeff Breedlove, a member of GCSA.

The GCSA is hoping to reach its goal of 500 people participating in this free virtual Rally for Recovery. “We must speak up for peer-led recovery programs.  This is one way to send a powerful message,” said Breedlove.

There will be guest speakers: peers in recovery, elected officials, medical leaders, law enforcement officials, business leaders, and education officials

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Jeff Breedlove jeff@gasubstanceabuse.org

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