Buford has been acknowledged as the top boating destination in Georgia based on data gathered by getmyboat.

Georgia is renowned for its vibrant boating scene, with 329,000 registered boats and 140 public access boat ramps. From reservoirs to waterways and the Atlantic coast, the state provides countless scenic locations for boating enthusiasts. Georgia is a budget-friendly option for families and friends to partake in cruising adventures together.

Numerous cities in Georgia are famous for their active boating communities and their convenient access to major water bodies.

“Buford stood out because of their vibrant boating scene and proximity to the notable body of water, Lake Lanier,” said Valerie Streif, marketing manager for getmyboat.

Lake Lanier, a 38,000-acre reservoir located across several counties in northern Georgia, is renowned for its size that allows plenty of space for a range of boating activities, including fishing, waterskiing, and leisure cruising.

The lake is surrounded by multiple parks including Buford Dam Park, which Streif said is a “beloved spot for anglers, where you can expect to catch Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Crappie and Bluegill to name a few.”

“Deck boats and pontoons are the most popular styles of boats,” Streif said. “You can even find double-decker pontoons with waterslides to rent, perfect for a family outing on the lake.”

The report shows that the average rental price for boats is $103 per hour with an average total trip price of $278.

The compilation of the list was based on data from Getmyboat, a company providing boat charters and rentals. According to their website, cities are assigned based on the location where the boat owner registers their boat on the platform. The data was refined by excluding extreme hourly and total trip rates and rental types were grouped into key categories for assessment in this report.

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