By Katiee McKinstry

  Jane McDaniel is set to retire from the American Legion in Buford.    Photo courtesy Torie Johnson    
Jane McDaniel is set to retire from the American Legion in Buford. Photo courtesy Torie Johnson  

Barbara Jane Lynn McDaniel is stepping down from Post 127 of the American Legion in Buford, GA.  “She feels that at her age it is time to step down and allow change for the post,” McDaniel’s daughter, Debbie McDaniel said. “With the upcoming new facility and the new Commander Jon Payne taking office in July, she wants to see the post grow with new leadership, and for the community to realize what the American Legion stands for.”

McDaniel started working part-time at Buford’s Post 127 in 1980, after retiring Stouffer’s PineIsle from and was then promoted to full time in 1987. McDaniel has since dedicated her life to the post and hopes that people can learn more about the American Legion through the new leadership.

“My mother has dedicated her life to Post 127,” said her daughter, Debbie. “She has so many fond memories. She has laughed, cried, and prayed with the members of the post.”

Dedicated to serving local veterans in Buford, GA, throughout McDaniel’s work, she oversaw community service workers and their hours of services, supplies, special events, and daily operations of the local Post. Barbara McDaniel considers the other members of the post to be like her own family. Her husband, John McDaniel, was even McDaniel’s commander for several years as well. McDaniel’s family has many ties to this post because her father-in-law Claude McDaniel was one of the charter members.

The original Post 127 was created by a wartime veterans service organization, The American Legion. The American Legion is a non-profit organization that has over three million members, and over 15,000 posts nationwide. This post offers services that similar posts do not, in that they offer local community activities and programs for veterans.  

“We have always been taught to have respect for veterans by our mother, and to appreciate all they have done for us,” Debbie said. “One of my favorite quotes that [my mother] tells her customers is that a tip is not necessary, because they have already tipped her by serving in the military.”

Working under many Commanders at Post 127, McDaniel has always attracted customers with her warm smile and kindness throughout the years. “It is heartwarming to see and hear the members walk up to the bar and tell her that they love her and kiss her goodbye. That tells me that she has found a special place in their hearts,” Debbie McDaniel said.

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