By Hayden Wiggs

  L to R: Tristan Jenkins (Sophomore), Hanna Hopper (Junior), Katelynn Moon (Miss Buford), Isabelle Wiggs (Freshman). Photo courtesy Hayden Wiggs.
L to R: Tristan Jenkins (Sophomore), Hanna Hopper (Junior), Katelynn Moon (Miss Buford), Isabelle Wiggs (Freshman). Photo courtesy Hayden Wiggs.

The 71st Annual Miss Buford Pageant took place at the Buford Fine Arts Center on May 19th, 2018. Currently run by Mrs. Joy Fowler, the pageant is a long-standing Buford tradition that showcases both the brains and beauty of young women, and allows them an outlet to express themselves. “I think that the Miss Buford pageant is a great opportunity for girls to express themselves by not just putting on a pretty dress and walking onstage,” said newly minted Miss Junior, Hanna Hopper, “but to show their confidence and passion in all that they do.”

The winners of the pageant were as follows: Miss Freshman Isabelle Wiggs, Miss Sophomore Tristan Jenkins, Miss Junior Hanna Hopper, and Miss Buford Katelynn Moon.

When asked what it means to her to have been crowned the overall queen, said Katelynn Moon: “After looking up to older girls in the organization for the last 10 years, I was so honored to be crowned as the next Miss Buford. I hope to use the title as a platform to encourage other girls to work hard for their dreams and to never, ever give up.”

The winners were chosen through several rounds of judging, beginning with a morning interview where contestants are asked several questions about their academic and extracurricular activities as well as volunteering experiences. “The interview gives us an opportunity to show our true selves,” said Miss Freshman, Isabelle Wiggs. “It shows that you’re more than just a pretty face, that you have a good heart and mind, too.”

Other titles awarded included Miss Runway, given to Miss Freshman, Isabelle Wiggs and Miss Congeniality, Erin Wright. “Miss Congeniality is an important title,” said Wright. “It encourages girls to be kind to others, and rewards them for their kindness.”

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