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The 2021 Little Miss Buford and Sweetheart of Georgia Pageant was held Saturday, Feb. 20, at the Buford High School Performing Arts Center. 

The annual fundraiser for the BHS Band of Wolves showcased more than 70 contestants, crowning winners in 14 age divisions and raising more than $12,000 for the needs of the band department. 

In addition to the onstage competition, contestants were eligible to participate in optional categories including Photogenic and Interview and could opt in for special “sight” awards such as Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Eyes and Prettiest Dress. 

Additionally, contestants could sell ads for the full-color souvenir program book supporting their “Ambassador” fundraising goals. Ambassadors sell at least $220 in ads, with the Junior Supreme and Supreme Ambassadors being the top ad sellers. More than 200 awards were given, according to pageant organizer Myra Sharp. 

Pageant results: 

Baby Miss Buford (0—18 months) — Naomi Maxey, Toddler Miss Buford (19—35 months) — Kinley Sentelle, Wee Miss Buford (3 years) — Dakotah Hammer, Petite Miss Buford (4 years) — Bryxton Hansard, Young Tiny Miss Buford (5 years) — Wrenna Henderson, Tiny Miss Buford (6 years) — Sydney Bartlett, Jr. Princess Miss Buford (7 years) — Khloe Chatmon, Princess Miss Buford (8 years) — Gabriella Canale, Jr. Young Miss Buford (9 years) — Ashley Truelove, Young Miss Buford (10 years) — Morgann Rice, Jr. Preteen Miss Buford (11 years) — Abigail Richardson, Preteen Miss Buford (12 years) — Ansleigh Rose, Jr. Teen Miss Buford (13—14 years) — Gracie Bruce, Teen Miss Buford (15—18 years) — Leah Madsen

Baby Miss Sweetheart of GA — Ruth Hunsucker, Toddler Miss Sweetheart of GA — Skylar Bartlett, Young Tiny Miss Sweetheart of GA — Vivian Min, Tiny Miss Sweetheart of GA — Lila True, Jr. Princess Miss Sweetheart of GA — Sarah King, Princess Miss Sweetheart of GA — Savannah Smith, Jr. Young Miss Sweetheart of GA — Grace Gammon, Young Miss Sweetheart of GA — Gabriella Thomson, Jr. Preteen Miss Sweetheart of GA — Harper Puckett, Preteen Miss Sweetheart of GA — Scarlett Lewis, Jr. Teen Miss Sweetheart of GA — Emma Pitman, Teen Miss Sweetheart of GA — Bree Smith

Ambassadors: Abigail Richardson, Abigail Yurtkuran, Addison Skalon, Arlette Galicia, Ashley Truelove, Aubrey McCullough, Bryxton Hansard, Elizabeth King, Gabriella Canale, Gianna Bacon, Grace Gammon, Halaina Gobran, Harper Puckett, Keltey King, Kinley Sentelle, Lila Truex, Maely Martin, Maisley Hastings, Naomi Maxey, Noa Pridgen, Ruth Hunsucker, Sarah King, Sydney Bartlett, Talayna Britt, Tiernan Sharp, Vivian Min; Junior Supreme Ambassador: Ansleigh Rose; Supreme Ambassador: Mackenzie Farrell

Most Photogenic: Ruth Hunsucker, Maci—Rae Coleman, Bryxton Hansard, Wrenna Henderson, Lila Truex, Khloe Chatmon, Gabriella Canale, Grace Gammon, Gianna Bacon, Abigail Richardson, Avery Cole, Josephine Ibarra, Scout Lewis; Best Interview: Wrenna Henderson, Lila Truex, Maisley Hastings, Gabriella Canale, Sarah Bramlett, Morgann Rice, Abigail Richardson, Ansleigh Rose, Audrey Getz, Bree Smith; People’s Choice: Naomi Maxey, Maci-Rae Coleman, Wrenna Henderson, Emersyn Crocker, Leah Malcom, Savannah Smith, Sarah Bramlett, Madison Duggan, Harper Puckett, Ansleigh Rose, Jocelyn Rainwater; Prettiest Smile: Naomi Maxey, Skylar Bartlett, Dakotah Hammer, Bryxton Hansard, Vivian Min, Sydney Bartlett, Khloe Chatmon, Savannah Smith, Elizabeth King, Gianna Bacon, Harper Puckett, Holly Madsen, Audrey Getz, Mollie Conner; Prettiest Hair: Naomi Maxey, Maci-Rae Coleman, Dakotah Hammer, Bryxton Hansard, Diana Burgos, Lila Truex, Khloe Chatmon, Gabriella Canale, Ashley Truelove, Arlette Galicia, Keegan Thornhill, Abigail Yurtkuran, Josephine Ibarra, Bree Smith; Prettiest Dress: Elizabeth Day, Genesis Rangel, Dakotah Hammer, Bryxton Hansard, Wrenna Henderson, Sydney Bartlett, Maisley Hastings, Gabriella Canale, Ashley Truelove, Gabriella Thomson, Abigail Richardson, Ansleigh Rose, Emma Pitman, Leah Madsen

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