The results for the 2019 Buford High School Funny Senior Superlatives have been tallied and the winners are……

  1. Most likely to be late to class.
    1. Boys:  Reece McIntyre
    2. Girls:  Katelyn Bowman
  2. Biggest Flirt
    1. Boys:  Clayton Nelson
    2. Girls:  Kamryn Roberts
  3. Most likely to become internet famous.
    1. Boys:  D’Vondre Thornton
    2. Girls:  Kelsey Schulman
  4. Worst case of senioritis.
    1. Boys:  Hunter Bell
    2. Girls:  Sydney Kori
  5. Most likely to be on Jeopardy.
    1. Boys:  Harry Miller
    2. Girls:  Hannah Barnard
  6. Most likely to trip at Graduation.
    1. Boys:  Brandon Opara
    2. Girls:  Madison McCollough
  7. Most likely to get caught texting in class.
    1. Boys:  Nick Allison
    2. Girls:  Gabbie Hogle
  8. Most likely to become an evil scientist.
    1. Boys:  Todd Goehmann
    2. Girls:  Amy Davis
  9. Most likely to become a contestant on American Ninja Warrior.
    1. Boys:  Derrian Brown
    2. Girls:  Britiney Johnson
  10. Best person to be stranded with on a desert island.
    1. Boys:  Yohan Ortiz
    2. Girls:  Alexandra Appling
  11. Most likely to win American Idol.
    1. Boys:  Tie – Trevor Dodge & Trey Lawson
    2. Girls:  Keighly Brown
  12. Most likely to cheer you up.
    1. Boys:  Derrian Brown
    2. Girls:  Hanna Hopper
  13. Best sense of humor.
    1. Addison Andrews

Congratulations to these winners!

****If you have won a category, please contact Alicia to arrange your photo for the Graduation Magazine by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14. Alicia can be reached at (404) 453-5261 or by email at  Thank you!****

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