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Three local restaurants were given failing scores on their most recent health inspections following routine visits by the Georgia Department of Public Health. The three restaurants were Cuppoki inside the Mall of Georgia, Mika French Sushi in Sugar Hill and The Cheesecake Factory at the Mall of Georgia.

The first local restaurant to fail its most recent health inspection was The Cheesecake Factory, located at 3333 Buford Drive, Space VD01G, in Buford. On Oct. 22, 2021, an inspector visited the restaurant for a routine inspection. After finding numerous violations, The Cheesecake Factory was given a failing score of 64U.

A few of the violations that were noted were fruit flies in two bottles of liquor, food residue on supposedly clean plates, avocados sliced with identifying stickers still on them and items being kept without timestamps on them.

The Cheesecake Factory’s full inspection report is available here.

Mika French Sushi at 5910 Suwanee Dam Road, Suite 600, in Sugar Hill, underwent a routine inspection Oct. 25, 2021, and received a score of 26U.

The most serious violations were pink and black mold on the inside of the ice machine, improper thawing of fish, reusing single-use containers, employee repeatedly touching their face with their hands and failing to wash them before handling food and the restaurant has items labeled as containing “crab” on their menu when they are really using imitation crab meat.

Mika’s full inspection report may be found here.

Cuppoki, located at 3333 Buford Drive, Suite 1073A, in Buford, scored a 46U on its routine inspection conducted Oct. 27, 2021.  

Some of the noted violations included an employee who did not wash their hands after washing dishes and then handling food, raw meat and produce stored above already prepared food in the walk-in fridge, food not being kept at the proper temperature and food being stored on the floor of the walk-in refrigerator.

To view the full inspection report, click here.

All three restaurants will have to be inspected again within 10 business days of the most recent inspection which they failed. Failure to pass the re-inspection could result in the loss of their food service license.

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