Anyone entering Sugar Hill can see that the city is growing.  Seems like commercial construction is taking place on every corner.  One can see the towering crane miles away that is busy working on Sugar Hill’s E Center which went it’s slated to open in 2018 will host over 43,000 sq ft.  Sugar Hill is looking to the future and it’s citizens voted on November 7, 2017 for a new councilman and they chose a man who has been instrumental in the Downtown Development Authority.

Meet Taylor Anderson:  As a Sugar Hill resident for over 13 years, Anderson has seen a lot of change and has been part of the initiatives driving the city forward.  Mr. Anderson and his wife Liz moved to Sugar Hill to start a family in a safe, community oriented city.  Sugar Hill is the only place their two children, Nicklaus and Lauren have ever called home.  He puts his civil engineering degree to good work in an award winning civil engineering and land surveying company called Blue Landworks which he formed in 2008.  

Mr. Anderson’s community involvement soon caught the eyes of community leaders and he was asked to serve on the Downtown Development Authority in 2012.  He states Dawn Gober, who was a long time advocate for Sugar Hill and Realtor, as being one of his biggest mentors.  He has held positions such as secretary, vice chairman, and Chairman of the DDA.  Anderson has also served in county wide initiatives such as Partnership Gwinnett and Leadership Gwinnett.

Taylor Anderson has the vision and experience to help drive the city he loves, Sugar Hill, out of the shadows and be recognized more for the great community oriented city it is. His immediate goals for the future include seeing the completion of phase one of the DDA’s development plan with the opening of the E Center.  Continuing to support the growth of small businesses is also a high priority for Mr. Anderson.  Being an advocate for the Suite Spot and continuing its vision of producing successful small businesses is on his agenda.

The councilman elect knows he has big shoes to fill as he takes on Mike Sullivan’s seat. Sullivan decided not to seek re-election to focus on other initiatives.  Taylor  Anderson is confident he can help lead Sugar Hill into the future.  A future where Sugar Hill has an even balance of residential as well as commercial.   

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