Kickoff Classic 1
The Buford National 8-year-olds coached by Shaun Gindlesperger are a talented group ready to take on their opponents. Photo – Karen Thrasher

The beginning of the Buford City football season is upon us once again. Saturday, August 10, marked the start of the season with the annual Kickoff Classic. A time-honored tradition where the new generation of future football stars are inducted into the Buford Family. First and second graders joining the ranks for their first taste of the season, while returning players prepare for a new level of competition. Starting the kickoff were the six and seven-year-olds, who together form the Buford National North and South teams, and ending with the new Buford High School Varsity team. The energy and excitement levels were off the charts as parents braved the summer sun to support the Buford community and watch the future of Buford spread their wings. 

Coach Shaun Gindlesperger, head coach for the 8-year-old Buford National North team commented, “We are really excited about this upcoming season. We have a lot of returning players along with a few new ones. We are most excited about having only one team in this age group as we look to defend our title. The Kickoff Classic is a great opportunity for the kids to put their game jerseys on, run through some plays and have fun in front of friends and family.”

Buford Kickoff Classic Cheer
Head Coach Ginger Canale says her group of 1st and 2nd grade National North cheerleaders have an energy level that is off the charts and can’t wait to cheer on their team this season.  Photo – Stephanie Gordon

Joining the sea of green were the fields of pink as the Buford youth cheerleaders put on their best moves to show support for their future teams by rocking their camp wear and showing true Buford spirit. The first and second-grade cheer coaches have been raving about the level of talent and energy that the new and returning cheerleaders are bringing this year. From learning new and exciting cheers to perfecting their half-time show, these ladies are ready to make this season one of the best ever for the Buford Youth Cheer Association. 

Ginger Canale, head coach for the first and second-grade National North Cheer team said, “We have a great group of girls on our squad. They are so enthusiastic about the season. For the first graders on the squad, the Kickoff Classic is their first experience of cheering on the sidelines and braving the big field.” She goes on to add,  “I love seeing the returning second graders taking their new teammates under their wings and sharing the exciting experiences from last year. We are ready for the best season! Go Wolves!!” 

This is the true heart of the Buford Wolves family… unity, teamwork, and spirit. These Buford Wolves have an amazing football season ahead of them. We hope to see you all join us to support your community children and future leaders. This new era of “big green” is going to do AMAZING things and you don’t want to miss it! GO BUFORD WOLVES!!

— By Amanda Edwards

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