By Nicole Burns

QT Shooting Snippet 2
The suspect opened fire on the passenger in the black car at the QT at the corner of Friendship Road and Gainesville Highway in Buford, GA after midnight Sunday.

A shooting occurred at approximately 12 a.m. on Sunday, February 10, 2019, in southern Hall County.  The incident took place at the QT convenience store located at 927 Gainesville Highway in Buford, Georgia.

The suspect was in a blue colored car believed to be a Chrysler 300 or similar type of car.  He is said to have chased people in a black car shooting at them. The black car pulled into the QT to try to get help but the suspect is seen to block them in and get out of his car where he approached the passenger side of the black vehicle.  He then began to open fire at the person in the passenger side of the black car. A female escaped from the driver’s side of the black car and ran away. The suspect glanced at the female and then turned his attention back to the victim in the black car.  He once again opened fire on the passenger of the black vehicle.

We received word that this is not a random shooting but a domestic issue.  The female seen escaping the black vehicle is the ex-girlfriend of the suspect and the suspect (ex-boyfriend) was shooting at her current boyfriend.

From the last account we received, the victim was shot in the eye and is alive.  

We will update you as we learn more.

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