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Since 2001, the city of Rest Haven has been attempting to effectively stop being a city and dissolve it’s municipality.  However, lawsuits led a judge to reinstate the city.  That did not stop the residents of Rest Haven from having their property deannexed from Rest Haven.  Since 2005 individual property owners have applied to have their land deannexed from Rest Haven.  The city of Buford has annexed the parcels of land when the owners apply to be annexed into Buford.

Buford already runs many of the governmental functions for Rest Haven including handling any court matters that may arise.  The children of Rest Haven are allowed to attend Buford City Schools as well.

The latest piece of land that has been deannexed is located at 410 Thunder Road.  The property will remain on Rest Haven’s tax register until January 1.  At that time, the county will assume control and has given the property a zoning designation of R-75.  More than likely the land will be annexed into the Buford city limits.  The neighboring property is already inside the Buford city limits.


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