Suwanee’s leadership in sustainability practices has resulted in its upgrade to silver certification by the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Green Communities Program. Suwanee’s partnership with Georgia Power to retrofit all existing street lights with LED bulbs earned the city points for the program. These LED bulbs use 50% to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. 

“We’ve woven green initiatives into our long-term strategic plans for the city; being responsible environmental stewards is part of the fabric of Suwanee,” said Billqeece Naqawe, assistant to the city manager. “ARC’s Green Communities Program encourages municipalities to build a more sustainable future.”

The program was developed in 2009 by the ARC, with the purpose of recognizing local governments that invest in programs and policies that lead to a more sustainable region. Green Communities is a nationally recognized program and provides ways that communities can reduce their environmental footprint.

“The 2022 Green Communities have played an instrumental role in moving metro Atlanta towards greater sustainability and environmental resilience through innovative and community-informed projects,” said ARC Natural Resources Managing Director Katherine Zitsch. “These communities demonstrate exemplary dedication to building a stronger, greener region.”

ARC’s Green Communities Program is the first of its kind in the entire country to promote sustainability through a certification program for local governments. At present, 16 metro Atlanta governments, including 11 cities and five counties, are certified through the program.

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