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When it comes to standardized testing, students all across the world look for the highest quality tutoring to ensure they earn the best scores possible. However, tutoring often comes with a hefty price. Statistically, high school students spend hundreds of dollars per month on tutoring and test preparation. Additionally, the Coronavirus pandemic has left students unable to attend test prep in person, leaving them struggling to improve their academic performance. To solve this problem, four high school students came together to create a digital platform for students to be able to get the test prep for which they are in dire need. All without charging a penny. Introducing ProACTive Tutoring. 

“During the pandemic, we noticed so many people couldn’t access tutoring in person. We also noticed that they spent too much money on tutoring, which not everyone can afford, so we wanted to provide a better opportunity for those students with our free tutoring platform,” said Albert Doan, a junior at North Gwinnett High School and one of four founders of ProACTive Tutoring. 

Albert, along with co-founders Kevin Phan, Nabil Kassam and Naman Tellakula, worked to hire tutors from North Gwinnett High School as well as Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, to aid other students with SAT and ACT preparation. So far, they have helped a number of students improve their test scores. 

“This is a rough estimate that we got from just asking our fellow students and peers, but we have been able to assist them in a 40 to 50 point test score increase as well as helping them get from 1300 to the 1400 range for the SAT,” Doan said.

“Something we are really proud of is the reviews from the most recent SAT examination that happened in March, specifically where we had a student that got a 150 point increase on his score and we noticed that he was more confident in what he was doing and voiced his interest to continue studying with us,” Kassam said when asked what accomplishment the group was most proud of. “I think what makes our platform so unique is that we are students ourselves so we know what it’s like to have to study and struggle to maintain good grades and test scores so I feel that makes us more adaptable to the needs of our students and peers.” 

“It hasn’t all been easy though, since we are still growing our base, and getting the resources we need has been difficult,” Kevin Phan  said. “One of the things we struggle with is networking. It’s hard to get access to other companies and partner with them. Money is an issue and getting equipment is hard, so that’s why we’ve reached out to other schools to borrow resources to help our students, for example, finding ways to get grants or begin collaborations. Everyone should have access to good quality tutoring, including students from low-income areas and families.” 

All in all, these four students have made an incredible impact on the lives of students in Gwinnett County and soon to be in many other places. They, as well as the tutors who are part of their platform, seek to aid students and promise a fair opportunity for everyone seeking SAT and ACT improvement. 

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Anoshka Ramkumar is a student at North Gwinnett High School, Class of 2021. She is a published author and hopes to pursue a career in Media Journalism.

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