27-year-old Tyreek Raysheen Lee of Norcross pled guilty for his role in trafficking three women – one of whom was described by the Attorney General’s office as underage.

Lee is a member of the Last One To Take Over gang – also known as LOTTO or the 30% Gang.

LOTTO traces its roots to both the Crips and the Gangster Disciples (both national gangs).

While Lee will be serving time in prison over his involvement and association with the gang — and its trafficking of women — the State is still pursuing a case against other co-defendants.

According to Attorney General Carr:

“Our Human Trafficking and Gang Prosecution Units continue to produce meaningful results in the fight to combat violent crime. While this is a much larger case, this latest conviction brings us another step closer to ensuring that justice is served. We will not tolerate the abuse and exploitation of our most vulnerable Georgians, and those responsible will be held accountable.”

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Section investigated the case.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Hannah Palmquist, who leads the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, and Assistant Attorney General Tom Kegley of the Gang Prosecution Unit, were the prosecuting attorneys.

Nov. 20, in Gwinnett County Superior Court, Lee – also known as ‘Reek’ – offered guilty pleas to charges of:

  • 3 counts of Trafficking of Persons for Sexual Servitude
  • 6 counts of Violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act
  • 1 count of Conspiracy to Violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Lee received a sentence of 20 years for each count – the first 10 years, he will serve in prison. He will then be under strict probation for the remainder of his time.

The Attorney General’s Office summarized the case as follows:

  • On Feb. 28, 2023 investigators obtained an indictment in Gwinnett County which charged 8 accused members of the LOTTO gang.
  • Each defendant was charged under the RICO Act after it was alleged they had trafficked five women, including the minor. They are also accused of organizing recruitment efforts for the gang.
  • The indictment further charged seven of eight alleged members – including Lee – with counts of Trafficking of Persons for Sexual Servitude; Violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act; as well as additional offenses.

With the support of Governor Brian Kemp, Carr is credited with creating the inaugural statewide Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit in 2019.

In 2022, this special unit “led and assisted 33 case investigations and rescued 116 victims”, according to the office of Carr.

This was followed up by 29 new convictions in the 2023 calendar year so far, all of which resulted in prison sentences. 39 individuals are also currently under indictment for human trafficking, some in multiple jurisdictions.

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