City Council Post 3 

To replace Susie Walker 

Tiffany Hale Carter

Candidate: Tiffany Hale Carter

Occupation: Interior designer

Education: B.A., broadcast journalism; B.F.A., interior design; M.I.D., interior design

Political Experience: None

Contact information: tiffanyhalecarter4sugarhill@gmail.com; tiffanyhalecarter4sugarhill.com; 678-672-6676

Why are you seeking election to the Sugar Hill City Council? 

“I am running for Sugar Hill City Council because this city has been good to my family and I. Here, we have grown and thrived. I would like to continue efforts at making sure this is a place where families, just like mine, can plant roots, grow and thrive.” 

What do you think you bring to the table as a candidate? 

“I bring a new and fresh perspective to the table. I also bring diversity, representation and a unique perspective on how to connect the City Council to the community.” 

What do you see for the future of Sugar Hill? 

“I am very excited about Sugar Hill’s future. As we continue to grow, I want to focus on four main areas for our community. 

1) Families First: Sugar Hill has impressive resources available for the enrichment of our children and families. I will promote city partnerships with local schools to encourage students and teachers to take advantage of those resources. 

2) Support for Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a wide range of entrepreneurs in our Sweet City. I will create opportunities for those entrepreneurs and local business owners to be directly supported by our community. 

3) Diversity & Inclusion: One of the reasons my family decided to plant roots in Sugar Hill was because of the diversity represented in our neighborhood. I will foster diversity and inclusion and create opportunities for us to learn from and celebrate each other’s differences. I believe we are all ONE community. 

4) Continued Dedication to Service: I will create opportunities for community involvement in our city by connecting our citizens directly with the City Council. The City Council is a representation of the people, and to be as transparent as possible, we need to hear from them. 

Sugar Hill is such a “sweet” place to live, and I want to continue the good work of making Sugar Hill a welcoming city for all kinds of families and their children.” 

City Council Post 3 

To replace Susie Walker 

Jennifer Thatcher

Candidate: Jennifer Thatcher

Occupation: Marketing

Education: B.S. in health science from Georgia Southern University, 1995

Political experience: I have no traditional public political experience but I’ve been an officer on my HOA since 2014 and have led several large capital projects. 

Contact information: jennthatcherfosugarhill@gmail.com or Facebook: facebook.com/JennThatcherForSugarHill/ or jennthatcherforsugarhill.wordpress.com 

Why are you seeking election to the Sugar Hill City Council? 

“My family moved to Sugar Hill in 2013 drawn in by the small town feel and the potential that we saw with the development of downtown. I want to be a part of driving the process; I want to ensure that our current and future growth is not only sustainable but that it balances future development with the active green spaces that contribute to Sugar Hill’s charm.”

What do you think you bring to the table as a candidate? 

“This is my first foray into public service so I’m not part of the traditional “political machine.” I have 25 years of experience in business, marketing and corporate communications and I believe that uniquely positions me to best connect the wants, needs, and concerns of all the residents of Sugar Hill and the businesses who have set up shop here.” 

What do you see for the future of Sugar Hill? 

“I see Sugar Hill as a destination city for North Georgia. I see our downtown continuing to draw in residents and people from surrounding communities to enjoy dining, civic and cultural events. I think our untapped potential lies in our active green spaces — opening our greenway and developing trail systems for hiking and mountain biking will allow us to draw in people and events — and their disposable spending — from far outside our community.” 

City Council Post 4 

Amber Chambers

Candidate:  Amber Chambers 

*This candidate did not respond to requests for information.

City Council Post 4 

Nic Greene

Candidate: Nicholas “Nic” Greene (incumbent)

Occupation: Insurance agency owner 

Education: B.S. from Georgia Southern University 

Political experience: City council member for Sugar Hill 

Contact information: ngreene@cityofsugarhill.com 

Why are you seeking re-election to the Sugar Hill City Council? 

“​​I am seeking re-election to the Sugar Hill City Council because I have enjoyed serving the great citizens of Sugar Hill as the Incumbent for Post 4. I think we as a city council have made great strides in building a thriving community not only in our downtown area but in the entire city. We want to keep Sugar Hill moving in a forward direction with thoughtful and planned growth based on what citizens want.”

What do you think you bring to the table as the incumbent candidate? 

“My family and I have been residents of Sugar Hill for 12 years and I am the owner of a small business near downtown.  Over the years, I have spoken with many in our community about what their vision of the city looks like. This has brought knowledge of the goals our community values, which helps to make informed decisions while serving on the city council.” 

What do you see for the future of Sugar Hill? 

“For the future of Sugar Hill, I see a thriving, economically sound city that supports its local businesses and schools, a walkable downtown that allows its citizens access to world class amenities, and one that brings a sense of community to everyone who calls Sugar Hill home.”  


Brandon Hembree

Mayor of Sugar Hill 

Candidate:  Brandon Hembree — Running unopposed 

Mason Roszel

City Council Post 1

To replace Brandon Hembree

Candidate:  Mason Roszel — Running unopposed 

Taylor Anderson

City Council Post 5

Candidate:  Taylor Anderson (incumbent) — Running unopposed


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