By Amy Davis

Baby - Toddler
Front Row L-R:  Kaylee Davis, Oaklie Humphrey, and Isabella Palacios
Back Row L-R:  Yecielyn Mills, Harper Slappey, and Bryxton Hansard  Photo credit: Carrie Abernathy Photography

Hair! Makeup! Dresses! Nails! Smiles! These are just some of the factors involved in the judging of a pageant! From the gorgeous fashion to the sassy attitudes, these girls know how to work it!

This past Saturday, February 9, 2019, Buford held it’s 26th annual Little Miss Buford and Miss Sweetheart of Georgia pageant. It lasted from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. with girls of all ages strutting their stuff across the Buford Fine Arts Center stage. The drama and elegance of every contestant made judging for each division difficult, but two individuals from each group were named either Little Miss Buford or Miss Sweetheart of Georgia.

Wee - Young Tiny
Front Row L-R:  Lila Truex, Emmerson Leigh McMinn, and Logan Anderson,
Back Row L-R:  Talayna Rae Britt, Cora Slappey, and Maisley Harper Hastings Photo credit:  Carrie Abernathy Photography

The girls (in order of youngest to oldest) crowned Little Miss Buford were: Oaklie Humphrey, Kaylee Davis, Harper Slappey, Emmerson Leigh McMinn, Lila Truex, Cora Slappey, Gabriella Canale, Faith Dylan Carter, Charley Martin, Lily Slappey, Holly Madsen, Kinsley Jenkinson, Josephine Ibarra, Leah Elizabeth Madsen, and Jocelyn Rainwater.

On the other end, if the girls competing were from outside of the Buford area, they were crowned Miss Sweetheart of Georgia. Those queens, also listed in order of age, were Isabella Palacios, Yecielyn Mills, Bryxton Hansard, Talayna Rae Britt, Logan Anderson, Maisley Harper Hastings, Camila Montoya, Braeleigh Shor, Addison Vickery, Sarah Patterson, Piper Wood, Caroline Humphrey, Emmie Adams, Talia Gomez, and Karah Walters.

Tiny - Princess
Front Row L-R:  Camila Montoya, Gabriella Canale, and Faith Dylan Carter,
Back Row L-R:  Addison Vickery, Braeleigh Shor, and Charley Martin  Photo Credit:  Carrie Abernathy Photography

Every girl worked hard at the pageant and should be commended for the effort they put into such a difficult event. They spend hours upon hours getting ready for these beauty pageants, learning how to express themselves through flawless stage walks and sparkling pageant gowns. When asking the various contestants and judges what their favorite aspects of pageants were, the answers centered around three things: the confidence pageantry builds, the relationships made through pageants, and the sheer fun of getting to dress up in lovely gowns and stunning makeup!

Pageantry is more than just a competition; it’s a community! The memories and friendships made during these events are what the girls really thrive on. Yes, they get to doll themselves up in gorgeous dresses, but the focus is more on connections between every contestant. They explore who they are and discover the confidence they have hidden inside! All of this is to say: pageants are more than what they seem!

Jr. Young - Jr. Preteen
Front Row L-R:  Piper Wood, Lily Slappey, Sarah Patterson, and Kinsley Jenksinson
Back Row L-R:  Holly Madsen and Caroline Humphrey  Photo Credit:  Carrie Abernathy Photography

The event is a fundraiser for the Buford High School Band of Wolves. The money raised during the pageant goes to buy music, new instruments, and any other need the band may have.

Volunteers from the Band of Wolves along with the judges, emcee, and pageant director helped make the pageant run without a hitch.  A huge thank you to volunteers from the Band of Wolves; judges Donna Stamper, Donna Robertson, Kaitlyn Robertson Young, Erin Stamper, and Judy Bell; emcee Allisyn Hardee Lambes; and pageant director Myra Sharp.

Preteen - Teen
L-R:  Josephine Ibarra, Karah Walters, Leah Elizabeth Madsen, Jocelyn Rainwater, Talia Gomez, and Emmie Adams  Photo Credit:  Carrie Abernathy Photography

The Little Miss Buford and Miss Sweetheart of Georgia pageant had a turn out of one-hundred-forty girls from both Buford and other areas of the state who came to compete! There’s a hope that next year there will be an ever larger group to join together for the 27th annual Little Miss Buford pageant! The more, the merrier! Those ready to stride across a stage for the chance of being crowned as a pageant winner, just come on down next year ready for both new experiences and new friendships!

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