Lanier High School’s lacrosse team experienced a first in its sixth season — the team advanced to the opening round of the 2023 GHSA state championships in class 5A-6A. 

The Longhorns went into their first playoff game Monday, April 24, against Etowah with a 9-7 overall season record. Despite a 21-3 loss, this young team is poised for growth. 

The North Gwinnett Voice spoke with head coach Colin Cederna about his team’s progress this season. 

North Gwinnett Voice: How does it feel to make the playoffs? What was your team’s attitude?

Colin Cederna: It felt incredible to finally make playoffs after six years of building the program from the ground up. Our team was excited about the opportunity to compete against a really good team (Etowah High School), despite losing in the first round, it was a great experience for us as we had been preparing since October for that moment.

NGV: What do you feel made your team successful this year?

CC: Our team was successful through an immense amount of time and effort in practice during the offseason and the regular season. We also had a strong brotherhood of players that had fun together and got along well for the most part. Our players were also passionate about the sport and wanted to be successful.

NGV: Please describe how your team felt about making the playoffs? 

CC: They were happy, but nervous knowing they would be playing a very skilled team.

NGV: What advice would you give next season’s team? 

CC: Never stop getting better, no matter how long you play for you never reach your peak. Don’t be content with mediocrity.

NGV: Any parting advice for the graduating seniors on your team? 

CC: Work hard as you move into college or the workplace and find something that you love to do every day, don’t go chasing money.

This season is Cederna’s final season coaching the Longhorns, and he leaves his players with his personal motto: “If you want to become a great lacrosse player, find a great wall.”

The Lanier varsity boys lacrosse players are Richard Phan, Jake Moleta, Wisdom Kasozi, Cole Thompson, Gordon Phan, Spencer Wilmot, TJ Scheiner, Tucker Martin, Micah Smith, Charlie Heslep, Tyler Thompson, Matthew Humberstone, Joshua Gallagher, Colin Goldstei, Nathan Ojwok, Andrew Graham, Jack O’Reilly, James Jones, Sebastian Ball, Tyson England, Christopher Graham, Krish Patel, Thaden Rumbaugh, Noah Fox and Preston Hooper. 

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