The Lanier High Theater Company brings to life its version of the classic Jack Sharkey novel, “The Addams Family,” as its second semester show. 

It is a story of a creepy family concerned over Wednesday Addams’ sudden relationship with her new “normal” boyfriend, Lucas Beinke. Her family — including her father, Gomez Addams, who keeps the boy a secret from her mother, Morticia Addams — worries Wednesday may be changing her ways. In protest, Uncle Fester enlists the help of the Addams ancestors to call an end to the romance. As Wednesday’s and Lucas’ two families join together for dinner, chaos ensues as the families begin to admit deep secrets and come together in ways they would’ve never imagined.

The main cast includes Gomez Addams played by Brayden Gailey, Morticia Addams played by Ally Copeland, Fester Addams played by James Scott, Wednesday Addams played by Maia Rowland, Lucas Beinke played by Josh Napier, Alice Beinke played by Molly Van Buren and Mal Beinke played by Viraj Ramgopal. 

The theater program began working on the production in early December with dance camps and music rehearsals, while the creative team brainstormed the design concepts to kick it off — the musical will also be performed at the 2021 Shuler Awards in May.

“Over the past four months the cast and crew has worked together and produced what I believe is an outstanding show,” Ally Copeland said, adding becoming Morticia was a new experience for her. “I have never played a character like Morticia before. It was a challenge, but also fun to develop such a complex and unique character.”

Evelynn Coen, a Lanier High student who viewed the show on opening night, said “I had a very hard time choosing what my favorite part was,” before mentioning “Just Around the Corner,” Morticia’s song. “… at the end the entire theater went dark and then red (lights) came up and it was just so pretty. There are so many beautiful parts of the show.” 

Coen said the musical is her favorite show the theater has produced. 

“The choreography was amazing, the lighting was amazing, the actors sang beautifully, the set was phenomenal,” she said. “It was just an amazing show.” 

Coen also enjoyed the show’s comedy elements. 

“Fester is in love with the moon,” she said. “He has a whole song about him and the moon and during the song he is pretty much chasing the moon around and it was so funny!”

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