The city of Buford is rich in history and charm.  Most who reside in the local area know a little bit about the history of the city.  When you ask someone what was a large part of the history of this town and I bet the answer you will get is the tannery.  No doubt the tannery makes up a significant portion of the history of Buford.

However, it doesn’t make up the entire history of this city.  The older generations who have called Buford home for a decent period of time are sure to have some stories to tell about the Buford of old. Back to when the city had its own police force, when the city was a quiet little gem of a town, and when people knew everyone in town.

The younger generations are missing out on these stories of the city they call home, their heritage.

The Museum of Buford’s website is a great place to start for a few lessons on the city’s history.

Buford has a good number of historic homes and buildings throughout “Old Town.”  The museum has put together a historic walking tour of the city. Because of the coronavirus, families are quarantined at home bored to death with limited options to escape the monotony. The walking tour would be a great way to get outside your home safely.  You and your family would be outside getting exercise, practicing social distancing, all while learning a bit of Buford history.

The Historic Buford Walking Tour is a great way to learn about the city’s rich history and enjoy these beautiful spring days. Photo – Museum of Buford

For specific information regarding Buford’s Historic Walking Tour, click here.

— By Alicia Couch Payne

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