On Sunday, April 5, 2020, the Georgia Department of Public Health’s latest report has the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 at 6,647.  That is an increase of 487 cases in 24 hours. Of that number, 1,283 people or 19.3% have been hospitalized. The death toll has risen by 10 people to 211 since noon on Saturday.

Women make up 52% of the total number of confirmed cases while men comprise 46%.  The remaining 2% are unknown. The 18-59 age group continues to lead those with the virus with 59% while the over 60 group makes up 36%.  The under 18 group thankfully remains at just 1% and the remaining 4% are unknown.

Gwinnett’s confirmed COVID-19 cases are up by 44 since yesterday to be 408.  The number of deaths for some reason has dropped by one to seven. There was not a reason listed as to why the number of deaths decreased.  Someone may have been listed incorrectly before and was corrected.

Fulton continues to lead the number of confirmed coronavirus cases with 962 while Dougherty is second with 686.  Dougherty remains the county with the highest number of deaths at 30. Counties who have also been hit hard are Dekalb 543, Cobb 456, Clayton 238, Henry 167, and Clayton 160.  Other nearby counties are Hall 117, Forsyth 72, Barrow 25, and Jackson 15.

The CDC will release their exact numbers on Monday.  However, they have put up estimates of 304,826 Americans who have been infected with the novel coronavirus.  The estimated death toll has risen to 7,616.

The latest numbers issued by the World Health Organization show that 1,136,851 people across the globe now have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  The death toll worldwide is up to 62,955. The United States has twice as many positive cases of coronavirus as the next closest country of Spain.  Italy still leads the globe in the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 at 15,362. Spain has the second-highest number of deaths at 11,744.

Georgia continues to be a state that is marked as having a higher number of infections of the novel coronavirus.  Residents are under a mandatory Shelter in Place order by Gov. Brian Kemp. Non-essential workers are supposed to either work from home or to stay home period.  Only essential workers may come and go to work daily. Anyone may leave their home to go get food, medicine and medical help including mental health, household supplies, and to care for family members and pets that do not reside with them.  People are also allowed to be outside to exercise so long as they practice social distancing.

If you do have to venture out into public, you are urged to wear a mask whether you have a commercially made one or a homemade fabric mask.  Use hand sanitizer frequently while out or wear gloves. Do not throw the gloves on the ground. Place them in a trash bin. Make sure to follow the social distancing guidelines of maintaining six feet of separation between yourself and any other person.

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