Meet Jacob Choi, a fourth-grader at Buford Senior Academy in Mrs. Fisher’s class. Jacob is recognized for his passion for reading and his excellent academic performance. He is a remarkable student who loves to talk about his favorite books and characters.

Jacobs’s favorite book is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. He loves the book because of its magical creatures, spells, and the exciting sport of quidditch. Jacob admires the dramatic plot of the book, which features bad guys who deceive the good guys, even when given the chance to show mercy. He said his love for the book makes time fly when he reads it.

Aside from being an avid reader, Jacob also has hobbies. He enjoys creating origami toys and gifts for his loved ones. He also plays the piano and cello and produces his own songs. His parents are Jason Choi and Hye Kim.

When he grows up, Jacob aspires to be a paleontologist, discovering new species of dinosaurs, traveling from one place to another, and being proud of himself for his discoveries. Jacob’s younger siblings also loves to read, and he hopes to discuss books with them in the future.


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