Aylen Osorio is a fourth grader in Mrs. Rushin’s homeroom at Buford Senior Academy.
Her parents are Lorena Miranda and Rodrigo Osorio.

Maxi’s Secrets by Lynn Plourde is Aylen’s favorite book. She says, “The book has lots of good scenes, but the last part made me cry because the dog died,” she said.

When Aylen grows up, she wants to become a therapist or a dentist as she enjoys working with little kids and believes it will help her learn acceptance. Her favorite genre of music is pop.

Buford Senior Academy Media Specialist Emily Stewart chose Aylen as a Reader Spotlight because she is an incredible student.

“She is an avid reader and a Challenge Champion,” Stewart said.

Aylens English/language arts, Mrs. Kimberly Southerland, says,

“Aylen is a skilled reader who LOVES reading,” said Mrs. Kimberly Southerland, Aylen’s English/language arts teacher “She is always actively engaged in a book and eager to read whenever she has free time. She sets reading goals and challenges herself weekly. Her love of reading is an inspiration to everyone around her!”


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