A Buford restaurant has failed three consecutive routine health inspections after receiving a score of 67 on its most recent assessment.

Pimenton Parrilla at 1570 Buford Highway NE in Buford was inspected by the Georgia Department of Public Health on Monday, May 8.

During the assessment, the inspector observed the following risk factors that could contribute to potential foodborne illness and took the listed corrective actions:

  • A pink substance was observed inside the ice machine, which was cleaned and sanitized during the inspection
  • Multiple cooked food items, including ribs, ground beef, stew beef and arepas stored in a reach-in freezer were not date marked with their preparation dates; all food items were labeled with their corresponding preparation dates (second consecutive violation)
  • Multiple food items were left uncovered inside a reach-in cooler and the freezer; the food items were covered with plastic wrap to protect against cross contamination
  • Beans were observed cooling for two hours and did not reach 71 degrees or below; cabbage salad and another container of beans were observed not cooling down at a fast enough rate; boiled cassava was observed that did not reach 41 degrees or below within six hours; the beans and cassava were discarded and the cabbage salad was moved to the reach-in freezer to allow it to cool down faster
  • A screened door in use has a gap at the bottom of the door that could allow insects and rodents to enter the restaurant (second consecutive violation); as a corrective action, the back door to the restaurant was closed
  • Women’s and men’s restrooms did not have disposable paper towels available; disposable paper towels were placed in each restroom

Additional observations can be viewed here.

As a result of three consecutive failing scores on routine inspections, the restaurant’s permit was suspended and a compliance conference was held Tuesday, May 9, during which a corrective action plan was discussed and the restaurant’s permit was reinstated.

A follow-up inspection was set to be conducted within 10 days.

View the complete inspection report here.

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