Pimenton Parrilla had their mandatory follow-up inspection conducted on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. During this inspection, they received a passing score of 86 B.

During this follow-up visit, the restaurant received three violations. The inspector found several food items that were not being kept at the proper temperature forcing them to either be discarded or relocated to another cooler. The restaurant’s prep cooler was not working properly and the temperature inside of it was 65°F.


A Buford restaurant failed its third health inspection conducted by the Georgia Department of Health in less than a three-month span. Pimenton Parrilla at 1570 Buford Highway N.E. received a score of 64 U on a follow-up inspection on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

The inspection on May 25 was a mandatory follow-up inspection because the restaurant failed its previous inspection conducted May 18, 2022, with a score of 50 U. Prior to that, Pimenton Parrilla failed another inspection on March 9, 2022, with a score of 41 U but later passed its follow-up inspection on March 16. Pimenton Parrilla scored a 94 A on that visit.

On the most recent inspection on May 25, Pimenton Parrilla was cited for not having designated a person in charge and not having written procedures. Other violations included an employee wearing single-use gloves for more than one task, food being improperly stored, sauce bottles not labeled, using raw wood shelves in places where food was being stored and a lid on a prep cooler in disrepair.

Pimenton Parrilla received violations in regard to how employees were cleaning dishes and the storage of the clean dishes. An employee was washing dishes in a sink with no sanitizer solution. The inspector found employees stacking clean dishes while they were wet, which is also a violation. They must be stacked away fully dry.

Since the restaurant failed the most recent inspection, Pimenton Parrilla will be revisited by a health inspector within 10 business days.

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