Amy Davis started Buford High School in the middle of her 10th grade year after moving from Texas to Georgia, and the 2019 Buford graduate credits her favorite teacher, Ms. Green, who taught 10th grade honors chemistry, with helping her adjust. 

“I was having a difficult time,” Amy remembers. “She helped encourage me and would talk me through any concept I was struggling to understand — not only in her course but other classes, too. So, she will always be my favorite teacher for the simple fact that I felt like she cared for me during a difficult transition in my life.”

While at Buford, Amy would join the marching band and take sculpture art classes. She was also involved in Spanish Club. Ms. Head’s environmental science course was one of her favorite classes. 

“That class was the most fun I’ve ever had while learning and she was an incredibly wonderful teacher,” Amy says. “I had so many friends in that course and we all had the best time together while learning! I’d love to reunite with that group again — even if it’s just for a few hours!” 

Amy would go on to graduate from Buford with honors and a 4.0 weighted GPA.

Following graduation, she went directly into the workforce, becoming a hostess at Bare Bones Steakhouse on Main Street in Buford in August 2019. Four years into her employment with the local establishment, she has become the restaurant’s lead hostess and event coordinator. 

“If you would have told me in high school that I would find my place as the event coordinator for a local steakhouse, I would’ve been so puzzled,” she says. “I wanted to be so many different things back then — a meteorologist, a chemist, a journalist, an author … while I never specifically studied for this position, I enjoy every second of it.” 

Amy says she loves her job and the outgoing nature she has developed as a result of her duties. 

“I see hundreds of locals as they visit us every week and give every regular patron that comes in a hug when I see them,” she says. “I even recognize locals around town now, too, so I always stop to say hi.” 

As event coordinator for Bare Bones, Amy helps set up events in private rooms, from wedding rehearsals and receptions to birthday parties and retirement celebrations. Holiday events are especially popular at the Buford establishment, she says.  

“I make sure everything is set up correctly and the staff know all the details they need to ensure our guests for that evening leave happy,” Amy says. 

In addition to her full-time job, Amy is currently taking college courses as an English major. She is an avid writer and hopes to one day become an author. She is also considering becoming a teacher. 

“I want to be a beacon of hope for children as they grow, going on to educate them about both academics and real world issues,” she says. “My future may change, but currently — that’s my hope!” 

For now, she’s enjoying the social aspects of her job at Bare Bones. 

“I always enjoy seeing new faces and welcome every person to visit me,” she says. “You’re a part of the family the second you walk through those doors!”

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Deanna Allen has served as editor of the North Gwinnett Voice since June 2021. Effective communication and creative design are her passions.

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