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Avik Regmi is a first-grader at Buford Academy in Mrs. Torres’ class. He is the son of Bhawani and Dipendra Regmi. He also has a sister named Ahsu who attends Buford Middle School as a seventh-grader.

Avik has a deep love of reading, especially non-fiction books. While he says he does not have a favorite author, he does have a favorite topic: the mystery of space!

Other favorite themes on his reading list include: books about animals, and learning about different animals that live around the world. He has completed five of the Reading Quests offered at Buford Academy.

When it comes to academics, Avik is a huge fan of both science and math. He even likes to create his own math problems and dissect what larger and smaller factors come together to solve them.

Outside of the classroom, Avik is a soccer player. He is learning all of the different positions in the game, thanks to his coach.

Another interesting fact about Avik is that he has visited the country of Nepal. While in Nepal, he especially enjoys visits with relatives and getting White Rabbit Candy — a very sweet treat!

Avik is known as one of the happiest students at the school media center when he visits. He is keen on sharing what he’s learned and is described as a sponge for information. He gets excited to pick out a new book; and his enthusiasm for reading brings smiles to those around him.

Avik is known at the school for his captivating way of sharing information in a manner which especially engages listeners.

Congratulations, Avik!


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