While most people were sleeping off Thanksgiving Day food hangovers or out battling the crowds for the best deal on a new TV, the Buford High School Band of Wolves Leadership were giving back to some of our first responders.  On Friday, November 23rd, the band leadership along with their band director, Matt Young, his wife, and son took the firefighters of Station 14 breakfast.

BHS Band Firestation 14
The Buford High School Band of Wolves leadership along with Band Director, Matt Young took Fire Station 14 breakfast on the morning after Thanksgiving.  Photo courtesy Lea Kirkpatrick

Young said the trip to the fire station came about when one of the parents of a band student suggested that the band take breakfast to the firefighters.  

The Buford Band is always looking for ways to serve our community and what better way to give back than to serve breakfast to those that protect our community,” Young explained.

Leadership for the Buford Band of Wolves is Sean Kirkpatrick, Dylan Wiggins, Nataly Garcia, Matthew Militello, Elizabeth Sanders, Amy Davis, and Will Jamieson.

No doubt the firefighters appreciated the gesture, especially being on call and away from their families on a day many have off to spend with loved ones.  Kudos to the band for giving back to the community and for leading by example on how to be a good citizen.

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