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Jordan Simmons, a 2009 BHS graduate pictured here with BHS teacher Ms. Bonnie Davis.  Photo – Jordan Simmons

Meet Jordan Simmons, Buford High School graduate of 2009. Jordan is the daughter of Tony and Jenny Poole and the sister of Cameron Poole, a 2014 BHS graduate. Jordan attended Buford City Schools from K-12, and has even incorporated her love for her hometown into her choice of career. Needless to say, Jordan is a Wolf through and through. 

In high school, Jordan excelled in the athletic atmosphere that was fostered at Buford. She played Varsity tennis for all four years of school (2005-2009) and vividly remembers how thrilling the experience was for her. “Each year, I served as either the captain or the co-captain of the team,” Jordan shares. “I believe I hold the record for most matches played by a female and was the 2nd overall winningest female player at Buford.” In addition to her outstanding performance in tennis, Jordan also played basketball for two years under Coach Durden and claims to still love watching the sport. 

Jordan is fond of the relationships she built with her teachers in the classroom as well. She shares, “To be honest, I feel like I had a really special high school experience because of the positive relationships I had with almost all of my instructors.” Out of all of these positive relationships, Jordan says that Coach Tony Wolfe has had the biggest impact on her life and has been one of her biggest fans and supporters after high school. He now serves as a mentor to Jordan and pushes her towards success in her adult life. 

As a student of Buford High School, Jordan learned and practiced perseverance in all things. “Excellence was demanded in the classroom and on the court,” Jordan says, “and that mentality has followed me into my adult life.” She is appreciative of the teachers and coaches that pushed her to be her very best. It is because of these fundamental life lessons Jordan learned at BCS that she went on to succeed and prosper in college and her current career.

After her graduation from BHS in 2009, Jordan attended the University of North Georgia on a tennis scholarship where she earned an undergraduate degree in Business   Administration/Marketing. Jordan was incredibly successful during her time at UNG and still holds the record for the 6th winningest overall singles in tennis there. She remembers college as the four most fun years of her life and moved on from this period to eventually become the marketing teacher and assistant tennis coach at her alma mater, Buford High School. 

Jordan with her husband Alex and their son Samuel.  Photo – Jordan Simmons

While teaching was not Jordan’s original profession, she believes that God led her exactly where she is supposed to be. When asked about her choice of profession, Jordan shares that her experience as a student at Buford High School played a major role in her decision to teach. “I want to be able to have the same positive impact my teachers had on me with my very own students,” Jordan shares. She thoroughly enjoys being able to interact and build relationships with her students, acting as a role model in and out of the classroom. 

In addition to her career, Jordan is also a wife and a mother. She has been married for five years to her husband, Alex Simmons, after meeting in Dahlonega at North Georgia. Together, they have one son, Samuel Hayes Simmons. Jordan and Alex are certainly kept busy by the curious 18-month-old but claim to love every second of it. As a family, they enjoy exploring the outdoors and traveling whenever they are able. 

Overall, Jordan considers it a true honor to teach at the school that taught her so much in return. Old teachers and mentors are found everywhere she looks, and she treasures the experience to work alongside the individuals who influenced her in her youth. Without a doubt, Jordan loves this school system, community, and town with all of her heart. Once a Wolf, always a Wolf!

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