Brian Elinburg - Then
Brian Elinburg is a 1993 graduate of Buford High School.  Photo – BHS

Brian Elinburg a.k.a. BE is a 1993 graduate of Buford High School.  He was born in Buford to Bill and Linda Elinburg. Brian is a Bufordite through and through.  He was not only born in Buford but he was raised a Wolf and is raising another generation of Wolves.  Brian has three brothers; Kenneth Elinburg, Greg Raines, and David Elinburg.  

Growing up Brian was active playing sports and he continued with his love throughout his K-12 career at Buford schools.  During high school, he was a three-sport athlete playing basketball, baseball, and football. His senior year, Brian was the point guard for the basketball team and the team made it to the Final Four.  Brian showed his versatility within the three sports even playing as both pitcher and shortstop for the baseball team. During his junior and senior years, he was the quarterback for the Wolves varsity football team.

When asked what staff member at Buford had the most influence on you, Brian replied that it was Coach Gerald Arnold that has really made an impact on him.  “Gerald Arnold was my basketball coach, mentor, and now friend.” Brian adds, “He gave me the name BE that has stuck with me since high school. He was there for us as kids and taught us so many life lessons.” 

Brian really thrived while attending Buford City Schools.  He’s taken many life lessons with him into adulthood but perhaps the biggest has been, “I learned about loyalty. I was born a Wolf and will always be a Wolf,” states Brian.  

Out of high school, Brian continued with what made him happy.  Brian has coached in the Gwinnett Football League (GFL), at Buford City Park (baseball and softball), and basketball since he was 18-years-old. Coaching is how Brian met his wife, Jennifer.  He was coaching basketball at the old City Gym in 2003 and met Jennifer, a 1999 graduate of North Gwinnett High School there. The two have been going strong ever since with almost 16 years of married life.  

Brian Elinburg - Now
Brian, his wife Jennifer, and their two sons are very active in Buford sports.  Photo – Jennifer Elinburg

Brian has made his love of coaching and of making an impact on the local children into a business.  He owns a sports training facility, Buford Elite Sports Training. Buford Elite is a family business as his wife plays a large role in the business. Many of Buford’s families send their children to the Elinburg’s to be trained in their sport of choice. When asked why he chose to open Buford Elite, Brian relates, “I was coaching year-round as a volunteer and believe that God has called me to impact the youth of our area through sports.”  

On top of his busy work schedule, Brian has continued to coach local youth in baseball, basketball, and football in Buford. Brian is a good father and loves to be involved in his two sons, Caden’s, age 13 and Kyiler’s, age 9 teams and often volunteers to coach those teams. On top of volunteering as a coach, Brian, Jennifer, and a friend of theirs have formed a nonprofit called A Dozen Pearlz. Brian says the nonprofit’s mission is to “support local churches and kids in our community and communities abroad through sports by giving new and used equipment, building pitching mounds and upgrading their field spaces, while telling them about Jesus.” 

Brian bleeds the green and gold.  He loved his time at Buford City Schools and is passing along that love to his sons.  Any time you see Brian, he’s decked out in Buford gear from head to toe and its not hard to come across the Elinburg’s.  They love to go to as many events of Buford’s whether it’s high school football, little league baseball, and programs put on by their sons’ classes.  

“I love the town of Buford and I am proud to be an alumnus. Watching my kids and family be involved in what I love so much is super special. Buford is a special place and nothing compares to what we have here,” exclaims Brian.  Once a Wolf, always a Wolf! 

— By Alicia Couch Payne


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