One cannot pass through the once sleepy little town of Sugar Hill without noticing a vast contrast to the town of years past. The revitalization of the city visually began not all that long ago, but the vision began taking shape long before. A large part of the positive changes is due in part to Scott Andrews.

Scott Andrews is the Economic Development Director for the City of Sugar Hill, where he has served for three years. Scott and his team lead all the business recruitment, marketing, communications, events, and outreach efforts for Sugar Hill, one of north Georgia’s fastest growing cities.

Sugar Hill has been used as an example for other cities. In most cases, there is somewhat of a barrier in the involvement of the community in making suggestions to the improvement of their own town. Scott felt the opposite approach more beneficial and would have better buy in if the community were included in the decisions. Yes, there are some naysayers, but every voice spoken is heard and opinions are taken into consideration.

The result of Scott’s unique method is evident in the successful rebirth of Sugar Hill. At one time, the main source of information to the residents was through a newsletter sent once a month in the gas bill. Now, with Facebook, there are over 10,000 followers keeping up with what is going on in their community and weighing in on proposals, and feeling apart of the decisions being made. That is almost half of the population who have a say in their city at the tips of their fingers.

According to his bio, Scott is an active member of the Georgia City County Management Association, and is currently a board member for the Georgia Downtown Association. Scott also serves on the executive board of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful and the business advisory board for Gwinnett Technical College.

Scott recently vied for the distinct honor of getting to kiss a pig. The competition raised money for Annandale Village, a great organization, offering programs and services for men and women with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other forms of disabilities as well as those with acquired brain injuries. Though Scott did not get to be the one to kiss the pig, he did raise a substantial amount of donations for the cause. On a side note, why kissing a pig you ask? “PIG” was used as an acronym for People Interested in Giving.

Scott has been instrumental in bringing The Eagle, an auditorium that will hold 387 in the audience when completed, hopefully in the June-July 2018 time frame. The outdoor plaza will offer outdoor eating, and the gym will include a basketball court and a walking track. The Sugar Bowl continues to offer a wide variety of entertainment for the community. The last performance of this season will be on Veteran’s Day featuring the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

All of this, and so much more, Scott has been an instrumental part of bringing to the great city of Sugar Hill, the fourth largest city in Gwinnett County according to the 2010 census. Scott will be taking his talents, his visions, his proactive approach to Smyrna where he will serve as the Department Assistant City Administrator. He will be broadening his horizons as he increases his knowledge of financing a larger city, and running a successful police department.

Brandon Hembree, governmental affairs expert who came into Sugar Hill about the same time as Scott and has worked closely with him on projects, stated he wished he could say bad things about Scott so he couldn’t leave the city. It was an obvious tone in his voice that told of the respect he has for his colleague.

Brandon, along with all his teammates, wish Scott all the best in his new endeavors. They also hope he one day returns home. Though Scott came to us from Tampa, Florida, Sugar Hill has been his home the past few years. He has taken ownership of its beautification, he has offered so much, and has so much more to give.

Best wishes, Scott, from the North Gwinnett Voice.

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