BUFORD – One woman’s thirst for Red Bull landed her in jail when she lost her temper at a local Walmart.  Miriam Nicolas Castillo of Sugar Hill was at the Walmart at 3796 Buford Drive in Buford on December 21, 2019, when she decided she needed to get a Red Bull out of one of the refrigerators at the U Scan checkout lanes. 

According to the police report, Castillo said that she went to get a Red Bull out of a refrigerator at one of the registers but Brenda King of Flowery Branch was in the way.  Castillo asked King to move but King told her to wait. Castillo claimed that she returned 10 minutes later and that King once again told her to wait. She said that she then tried to open the refrigerator door but King grabbed the door and hit Castillo in the head with the door.

King’s recount of what happened was different than that of Castillo.  King claimed that Castillo was able to get a Red Bull out of the refrigerator the first time she approached. King told officers that Castillo returned four more times wanting to get a Red Bull out of the refrigerator and King asked her to wait.  On Castillo’s fourth attempt to get a Red Bull, King was reaching over to put her card into the card reader to pay for her purchases and that the door to the refrigerator hit King’s leg. King stated that she reacted to the door hitting her leg and accidentally hit the door with her knee hitting Castillo in the head. She said that Castillo then stood up and started to hit her in the back.

Police were able to view Walmart’s surveillance videos which showed a series of events that matched King’s version of what transpired. 

Castillo was placed under arrest and charged with simple battery.  She is being held on an ICE (immigration) hold at the Gwinnett County Jail.  If she clears the ICE hold, she will face a $1,300 bond before being released.

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