DACULA — Gwinnett police responded to the Quick Trip at 2460 Hamilton Mill Road in Dacula on Oct. 15 in reference to a report of indecent exposure.

A woman there reported she was returning to her vehicle from inside the gas station when she saw a male in a tan color Toyota 4Runner at the gas pump beside her with his door open. When she looked closer, she noticed the man had “white, hairy legs, an erect penis, and was actively stroking it.” The man was either not wearing pants or his pants were down around his ankles.

When she saw what the man was doing, the woman said, “That’s [expletive] disgusting,” and the suspect then closed his vehicle door and drove away.

When talking to police, the woman said she only remembered a visual of the suspect from his knees to his chest and did not get a close look at his face. The woman was unable to provide a tag number for the 4Runner.

Police requested video footage from the gas station and were advised only management could provide access to any recordings.

— Staff Reports 

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