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Wade Myers is remembered by his family as selfless, giving, and super into Legos. However, his mother recounts a story from his youth when he found a prized Lego set at the store and ended up quickly shifting his priorities. Once they got to the checkout line, he ultimately decided it was more important to help a woman in need.

Wade insisted on giving the woman, who was a few dollars short on her purchase, all the money he had in his wallet that day — money he had earned himself. 

His mother’s boss caught wind of the heartwarming story and insisted on buying the Lego set for him. 

Wade considered this a blessing from God. Even then, he insisted on getting a smaller, less expensive set so that he could buy something for his younger brother with the money, too.

One need not ask themselves how the dots connected between his character, affinities, and other great attributes when they learn of the way his mother set out to honor his precious life cut short – with Wade’s Lego Legacy – after he tragically passed away at the tender age of 17. 

She decided to honor him by collecting and giving away Lego sets.

Wade was a student at Buford High School, where his mother would learn he had a reputation for enduring kindness and compassion there as well, after the tributes and testaments of his well-known and dutiful empathy poured in.

It all adds up; yet his mother’s idea was still novel. She indeed was also blessed with a brilliant, and ultimately popular, idea for giving back to the late Buford teen’s community in his honor.

And this, in a nutshell, is the story of how Wade’s Lego Legacy came to be.

Wade’s Lego Legacy was really born out of our desire to still be able to have a birthday party for Wade after he passed away. So we basically took our favorite story of Wade and turned it into a whole event. Last year was awesome: there were so many hearts touched (including ours) and it was just great to be able to celebrate our son and who he was,” Wade’s mother, Candace King says. 

“In retrospect this is honestly something I could see Wade asking to do FOR his birthday before he died…go buy a bunch of Legos and give them out to random kids for fun. That’s just who he was. He had such a compassionate and giving heart and I know he would just LOVE this. So we decided to just keep it going for as long as God sees fit. We know that He will provide and we really just leave this up to Him and His will, hoping that in the process some folks might be led to the hope we have in Him.“

Wade’s birthday is Dec. 11. And, this year’s celebratory giving event will be held at RISING Church at 710 Power Avenue on Dec. 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Donations can still be found on their Amazon Wish List, here.


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