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LAKE LANIER — On Monday afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m. a strong storm system moved across Lake Lanier causing extensive damage to Aqualand Marina in Flowery Branch, as well as, to Holiday Marina near Lake Lanier Islands.

Boaters took to Facebook to let others know about the damage that had occurred at the two marinas.  Boat owners were checking in to find out which docks had been hit and the ones that were on the scene were posting photos and videos of the damage.

Numerous docks at the two marinas had sections that were mangled, some were underwater, and several had come loose for their moorings.  Many boats suffered damage ranging from scratches all the way to some sinking.  A few were tossed onto the top of other boats as well.  On land, trees fell onto cars and looked like the tops of the trees were ripped right off.

The National Weather Service reported that they knew straight-line winds were in the area but were unaware of any tornadic activity.  The NWS said that they expect to get a much more accurate picture of what transpired in the coming days.

Hall County Fire Services along with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources responded to the scene.  Hall County said that there were no injuries reported.

Above Video:  Security camera footage from a boat docked on R Dock at Aqualand Marina.
Above Video:  More security camera footage from R Dock at Aqualand shows just how intense the storm got on Monday afternoon.
Above Video:  Shortly after the storm passed boaters like Alysia Favre began to record footage of the damage to Aqualand Marina.  Video Credit – Alysia Favre
Featured Photo:  Aerial photo of some of the damage that docks and boats at Aqualand Marina in Hall County sustained during Monday’s storm.  Photo Credit – Jack Jeffrey


— Staff Reports

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