By Nicole Burns

(Sugar Hill, Ga.) — More details have been released in the home invasion that happened on June 22 at a residence at 1670 Primrose Park Rd. in Sugar Hill. Two people were at home when the invasion occurred and another resident came home during the incident.  They were a 53-year-old mother and her two children, ages 31 and 21.

The mother told police that she heard a noise in the house but dismissed it as being her son and his friends coming home. Shortly after hearing the noise, three armed males stormed into her bedroom shouting, “Gwinnett County Police.” They grabbed the mother, punched her, and then used zip ties to restrain her. They demanded to know where their money, jewelry, and drugs were. While making their demands, one of the suspects had covered her mouth and nose depriving her of oxygen.

Once the mother was restrained, one of the suspects went into the adult daughter’s room. The daughter woke up to see the armed man standing next to her bed. She began to fight the man and he had to call one of the other suspects in to help him restrain her. Once the daughter was restrained with zip ties, she was taken to the mother’s bedroom.

The adult son came during the midst of the home invasion. After he entered the home he noticed the door leading to the basement was open which he found to be very odd. He was making his way upstairs when one of the suspects forced him into his mother’s room where his mom and sister were already tied up. The suspects restrained the son with zip ties as well but he was able to break free. He ran downstairs but was stopped by one of the suspects in the kitchen. The son was repeatedly punched until he gave in and went back upstairs.

The suspects had gained entry into the home by prying a basement window open. The victims estimate that the suspects were inside the home for 30 minutes and made off with $4,700 in cash. The suspects gave the victims a knife and told them to wait 10 minutes and then cut themselves free. The victims had each been beaten, blindfolded, and tied up, as well as, had a gun pointed at their heads during this ordeal. The son was the most beat up having suffered a laceration behind his ear and on the side of the face from the handle of a pistol. He also had visible bruises on his face and head. The son was transported to Northside Hospital in Cumming to be treated for his injuries. The mother received a swollen lip and the side of her face was also swollen while her daughter had a bloodshot eye and swelling to her face.

The suspects are described as being black males that are shorter in stature according to police. The men also had Jamaican accents although one victim said that at least one of the three suspect’s accent kept going from Jamaican to American. At least two suspects had black semi-automatic pistols. They were wearing dark clothes, surgical masks, and gloves that are described as being possibly latex and purple. A nearby camera caught a glimpse of what is believed to be the suspects’ vehicle, a black SUV.

The victims were asked if they knew of anyone who could possibly have done this and they each told officers that they didn’t know of anyone.

If anyone has information about this incident, please contact Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or visit<>.  Crime Stoppers tipsters can receive a cash reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.  GCPD Case Number: 19-056834.


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