Two local restaurants recently failed their routine health inspections. Sushi Nami Suwanee at 4369 Suwanee Dam Road scored a 39 U on its inspection on Thursday, March 31. Also receiving a failing score was I Luv Pho at 1680 Mall of Georgia Boulevard, #1715, in Buford with a 66 U from its Tuesday, April 5, inspection.

Sushi Nami Suwanee had a long list of violations with the most alarming being their second consecutive violation of having a black mold-like substance inside an ice machine. The inspector found raw shrimp stored over ready-to-eat sushi fish and gyoza, which could potentially cause cross contamination and make customers sick.

Several food items were being held at incorrect temperatures on the prep lines. According to the inspection report, several fish items on the menu had misleading names. For example, sea bream was named red snapper, white trevally was named striped jack and jack mackerel was named horse mackerel. 

The inspector noted a couple of violations in the way that dishes were washed and stored. Additional violations were found resulting in the score of 39 U. A follow up inspection was to be completed within 11 business days of the initial inspection.

In the follow-up inspection for Sushi Nami Suwanee, which was conducted Monday, April 11, no violations were found. Sushi Nami Suwanee received a score of 100 during that inspection.

The worst of the violations that were noted at I Luv Pho was the presence of dead insects in a bulk container of potato powder. A few of the other violations noted included two employees preparing food while not wearing hair restraints, the dishwashing machine was not dispensing sanitizer, clean dishes were being stacked and stored wet, employees were observed wearing jewelry on their wrists and chlorine sanitizer containers did not have a high enough concentration of sanitizer.

Multiple food items being held in a time control were not labeled with their start time and discard time. The inspector found a whole box of beef that was being thawed at room temperature.

I Luv Pho had to undergo a follow up inspection within 11 days after the initial routine inspection. During the Monday, April 11, visit, chlorine sanitizer containers still did not contain enough sanitizer. The inspector also discovered clean dishes once again being stacked and stored wet. I Luv Pho passed the follow up inspection with a grade of 92 A.

To view the full inspection reports, click here and search for the restaurant names.

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