Georgia Department of Health inspectors found three Suwanee area restaurants in violation of numerous health codes resulting in the restaurants failing routine inspections. The three restaurants are Gong Cha at 525 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, G1, Huskers Cafe at 3255 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, Ste I-20, and Waffle House #1215 at 545 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

On Wednesday, April 27, Gong Cha received a failing health inspection score of 53 U for numerous violations. Codes they were found to be in violation of for the second consecutive time include the person in charge being unable to demonstrate knowledge of the Employee Health Policy and raw shell eggs found stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler.

A few of the other violations Gong Cha was found to be in violation of were “black mold-like buildup” inside the ice machine, foods being held at the wrong temperature, not having a thermometer to check temperature-controlled foods, damaged gaskets on two coolers and an employee wearing a watch while preparing food.

Gong Cha had a mandatory follow-up inspection on Friday, May 6, and passed with a score of 83 B. Violations found during that inspection that were still not corrected were the “facility has not retained verifiable documentation that employees are aware of their responsibility to report food borne illnesses” and “mold-like substance” found in the ice machine. Other violations Gong Cha was cited for included the most current health inspection was not posted, an un-approved material was used in storage cabinets, damaged gaskets on two coolers and a “broken self-closer device on the men’s restroom door.”

A routine health inspection was conducted on Tuesday, May 3, at Huskers Cafe, and the inspector found numerous violations resulting in a failing score of 61 U. The restaurant was found to be in violation of three codes for the second consecutive time. Those violations were the facility did not have a current certified food safety manager, the person in charge could not produce signed Employee Health Policy agreements and food being held at the wrong temperature.

Additional violations found at Huskers Cafe included dishes being washed in the dishwasher with no chlorine concentrate, non-crispy bacon and peach cobbler not being held at a high enough temperature, chemical spray bottles being stored with single-use items on a shelf in the front service area, containers of seasonings and oils not labeled, coolers and freezers needing maintenance, food debris on the floors in the kitchen, the walk-in cooler and the walk-in freezer and fruit flies observed in the back of the kitchen.

A mandatory follow-up inspection for Huskers Cafe was conducted Thursday, May 12, and the restaurant received a score of 96 A. The sole violation was a chlorine sanitizer spray bottle contained too high of a concentration of chlorine.  

The third Suwanee area restaurant to have failed its recent health inspection was Waffle House #1215. After numerous violations were observed, the restaurant received a failing score of 64 U on its Tuesday, April 26, inspection. Huskers had one repeat violation, which was for temperature controlled foods (hot) not being held at a hot enough temperature.

Other violations of concern were unwashed lettuce stored above ready-to-eat foods in the upright cooler, an employee prepping raw shell eggs and then moving a jelly packet on a customer’s plate with the same gloved hand, milk and mushrooms stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler and boxes of single-use items stored on the floor in dry storage. Each of these violations could lead to possible contamination of food causing illness.

Three violations related to chemicals and cleaning agents were noted. Those included multiple sanitizer buckets found to not have a high enough concentration of chlorine sanitizer in them, a bottle of degreaser being stored over a bottle of honey and a container of soap not labeled.

Waffle House #1215 was due to have a follow-up inspection conducted within 10 business days of the Tuesday, April 26, inspection. 

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