A Sugar Hill business that sells vaping supplies and hemp products was broken into in mid-May. 

Great Vape at 5192 Nelson Brogdon Boulevard, Suite 700, in Sugar Hill, was the target of burglars who left the cash register alone and instead went for the store’s merchandise. 

On Sunday, May 16, an officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department was dispatched to the store, where the officer found the front door window broken and two bricks inside before clearing the building. 

According to the incident report filed by the officer, the following items were reported missing by the store owner: 

  • 150 disposable nicotine vapes — $15.99 each 
  • 10 D8 flowers — $50 each 
  • 8 D8 gummies — $50 each 
  • 10 cape carts — $40 each 
  • Rolling papers — $25 
  • CBD gummies — $100 
  • Glass bongs — $300

The business had working cameras at the time of the burglary, and video footage showed three young males wearing sweatshirts as the culprits.

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