The Georgia Department of Public Health updated data on the novel coronavirus pandemic on Monday, May 11 at 9:25 a.m.  The data reveals that 1,403 people have now lost their lives due to COVID-19 complications.  In the state, 251,288 COVID-19 tests have been conducted.  Of that number, 33,833 people have tested positive for the virus.  Just over 6,000 people with the coronavirus have been hospitalized, 1,412 of those have had to be admitted to the ICU.

Fulton County continues to be the county in the state with the most number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 3,509 (319.24*).  Fulton has had 144 deaths due to the coronavirus.  Dekalb County has the second-highest number of cases with 2,536 (319.74*).  Dekalb’s death toll is 69.  Gwinnett’s number of positive cases is 2,447 (251.97*) and their death toll has reached 87. Fourth is Cobb County who has 2,175 (275.11*) confirmed cases of the virus and has had 117 deaths.  Rounding out the top five is Hall County.  Hall has 2,012 (975.05*) cases of COVID-19 and their death toll is 28.  Other nearby counties are Forsyth with 388 (153.66*), Barrow 193 (223.42*), and Jackson 123 (164.66*).

*Number of positive cases per 100,000 in population.  

The number of positive cases among African Americans has reached 11,875.  Whites are the next demographic with the largest number of cases at 10,104.  The youngest person in the state to die from the virus is still the 22-year-old female from Muscogee County with underlying conditions.

Across the nation, over 1.3 million Americans have contracted the virus.  The nationwide death toll is 78,771.  New York has the largest number of confirmed cases at 328,599 and has 26,697 deaths from the virus.  The state with the second-largest number of cases is New Jersey with 137,085 and 9,116 people have lost their lives in that state due to COVID.  Georgia ranks as No. 11 on that list of the states with the most positive COVID-19 cases in the United States.

— Staff Reports

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