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BUFORD — An offer of marijuana turned into an alleged physical altercation and robbery during a Sept. 16 incident at a Buford restaurant.

 According to an incident report from the Gwinnett County Police Department, a customer was at Taco Mac drinking when he walked outside the business and saw three males sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot. When the trio offered him marijuana, the customer said he walked over to the vehicle and spilled the marijuana. The three males then demanded payment for the marijuana, which the customer refused.

 According to the customer, the refusal prompted the three suspects to then exit the vehicle and begin hitting him in the face multiple times. One of the males grabbed the customer’s wallet and took out 20 $1 bills and an ID card. Leaving the wallet behind, the three males then left the area.

 A witness told police she saw the exchange.

 The responding officer noted in the incident report that the customer had multiple lacerations to his face and difficulty speaking.  The customer was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

 The suspects’ vehicle had been parked under two cameras directly above the door to the restaurant and in front of the parking space, and the responding officer was informed that the general manager, who was not present at the time, could access the security footage when they returned to work.

— Staff Reports

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