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SUWANEE — The Everett family is legendary in North Georgia for hosting all kinds of musicians in their barn and family home on their property in Suwanee.  Each year they host their Spring Music Festival and it’s coming up this Saturday, May 8.

Everetts Music Barn has been hosting mostly bluegrass musicians since 1964.  The family has made it their mission to keep this tradition alive. The festival is a fundraiser to help the family honor the traditions and make sure that Everetts Music Barn is around for newer generations to visit.

Entry into the venue is free, however, a donation bucket will be set up for people to be able to make donations that are going primarily to make much-needed repairs to the facilities according to the Everett Music Barn’s Facebook page.  They will also be holding raffle drawings for various items for people to be able to buy a ticket and possibly win the items.

Musical acts will be playing (or picking to those diehard bluegrass fans) in their main performance area, the big red barn, as well as any other place they can find to play, like the rooms of the old family home and outside.

Festivities will begin at noon with the live music starting at 2 p.m. The music will continue into the evening.

Bands include:

The Wiseman Brothers

Skillet Lickers

501 Central

The Edgar Loudermilk Band

Dan Arnold with Jamey Pittman & Friends

Last Call

Everetts Music Barn is located at 4055 Stonecypher Road in Suwanee, Ga. http://www.everettsmusicbarn.net/

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