By Nida Merchant

The City of Suwanee unveiled 13 new art pieces at the Town Center Park on June 15th. The event, known as Big Artsy has brought a sense of community and energy that is unique to the city. Bu bringing in pieces of art made by the people and for its residents, the city hopes to capture the dynamic growth of downtown Suwanee.

“It’s not enough to simply create a ‘place.’ That place has to come alive- through art, events, and activities and just making things fun. People need a reason to keep coming back and connecting,” council member Linnea Miller told Suwanee Magazine. 

The event held in celebration for the new artwork held a performance of Disney’s Newsies by the Aurora Theatre and a special performance by violinist Daniel Butman.

The real question that came to the mind of many residents when thinking of a vibrant community was- why art?

The City of Suwanee believes that art is a true ‘differentiator’ and has become the thing that makes the city unique. It makes the area it surrounds truly timeless and adds a sense of community in an already thriving metropolitan area. 

Councilmember Linnea stated that the 6th SculpTour project was a part of the 22-month rotating public art sculpture exhibit. The overall goal is to announce their plans for the new $1.25 million dollar public art capital campaign in the new park. There are plans to have three new public art projects including one in Town Center on Main Street with a signature piece in Central Plaza as well.

The City of Suwanee has created strives in creating the Town Center Park Expansion Project which plans on breaking ground in 2020 The estimated park costs an upward number of $17 million dollars with a goal to support economic development for the city as well as increase the overall community appeal.

Time will tell how Suwanee brands itself as the forefront for change and innovation. For now, the city enjoys its strides in making the city a little more aesthetically pleasing for its citizens.

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