SUWANEE — One Suwanee restaurant recently had a visit from the local health inspector for a routine health inspection and received multiple violations resulting in a failing score.

Highland Tavern located at 3433 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. in Suwanee had its routine yearly health inspection on Feb. 16, 2021.  During the inspection, the restaurant received numerous violations which resulted in a failing score of 50.

The inspector found a black mold-like substance in the ice machine, insects inside sour apple mix at the bar and cold foods be held at temperatures above the required temperature of 41F. The walk-in cooler had a door that was in disrepair resulting in the temperature inside of the cooler being at 48F which is supposed to be between 41 and 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside the walk-in cooler, cooked chicken wings were found being stored without a lid which could result in cross-contamination from other items in the cooler.

To view the restaurant’s full health inspection, click here.

The restaurant will receive a follow-up inspection within ten days of the initial inspection.

— Staff Reports

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