The city of Suwanee has addressed a problem with runoff from the roof of the Town Center Amphitheatre with a creative solution — and with a matching grant.

According to the city, runoff from the stage roof was causing two 840-square-foot grass “wings” on either side of the stage to erode, and the area was in constant need of maintenance. When the city’s public works department decided to hardscape the area, the Suwanee Public Arts Commission had a different idea.

The left “wing” of the stage. Photo courtesy of city of Suwanee.

The left stage wing features large concrete blocks with quotes from musicians embedded in metal text. Artist Marc Moulton fabricated the blocks.

The right wing includes a design created by city staff member Paul Bara and painted by artist Meg Mitchell. The design features the longitude/latitude coordinates for Town Center Park along with the song lyrics “Stand in the place where you are,” by the band R.E.M., which hails from Georgia.

The project has received funding from Explore Gwinnett’s Gwinnett Creativity Fund through a $15,000 matching grant.

“We’ve taken a constant problem for our public works department and turned it into a great selfie spot!” said Denise Brinson, Suwanee’s assistant city manager. “This project would have never come to fruition if not for the matching funds from Explore Gwinnett.”

FEATURED PHOTO: The right “wing” of the Suwanee Town Center Amphitheatre stage. Photo courtesy of the city of Suwanee. 

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