Sugar Hill City Limits Map
A map of the current City of Sugar Hill.  

The City of Sugar Hill invited the community to attend a meeting to discuss the city’s existing limits and the possible expansion of the city limits to include nearby unincorporated areas. Members present at the meeting had a lot to say in both aspects of the argument.

Under House Bill 687, not yet enacted, Sugar Hill has begun conversations to bring in certain areas not currently included within the city limits. The bill would go into effect only if passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

Currently, there are limited techniques for residents to request annexation into a city. This method is especially difficult for people living in neighborhoods since the petition submitted to the city needs to be signed by a majority of the households in the neighborhood. Those living on stand-alone properties can more easily request to be added to the city limits of Sugar Hill. Since most homes are located in clusters of subdivisions, stand-alone annexations are not as common.

The plan that Sugar Hill presented could bring in approximately three thousand people and an additional 863 acres. Citizens present at the meeting had differing opinions regarding the matter. 

A map showing the current city limits and the areas that could possibly be annexed into the city should the proposed bill pass.  The map can be downloaded at

Those against the annexation argued that it could negatively impact their ability to do certain things as a resident. Some issues raised included the ability to burn leaves and keep chickens in their back yard. Supporters contended that Sugar Hill would provide a better provision of services rather than those provided by the County, better able to enforce code issues that impact property values, and overall better to represent the local community. Both proponents and opponents spoke at the meeting, as well as asked questions.

To view the proposed bill that is solely for the City of Sugar Hill and the approximate three thousand people that could be annexed by this bill, visit

— By Nida Merchant


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