Black Women Association Sugar Hill

The City of Sugar Hill recently honored Nicolla Brown with the Susan Roebuck Community Champion Award. This award is presented annually to a resident in Sugar Hill who generously contributes their time and talents to the progress and support of the city.

Brown actively volunteers in the community by fundraising and providing assistance to local organizations like the North Gwinnett Co-Op and Home of Hope.

Sugar Hill Mayor, Brandon Hembree, presented Brown with the Susan Roebuck Community Champion Award last month and thanked Brown for her dedication to the community and recognized the support of the involved residents and community groups. “Their support enabled the city to honor historical sites, bring art into the downtown area, reach the city’s youth, and accomplish much more.”

Brown, who says she is never one to expect recognition for her work, said “Receiving this award was confirmation that what I do matters to others.”

In February 2019, Brown established the Black Women’s Association of Sugar Hill (BWASH) to promote community service, empower women, and foster sisterhood. Under Brown’s leadership, the organization has grown and implemented various initiatives aimed at promoting personal and professional growth while creating a sense of belonging among its members.

Brown and other members of BWASH organize several community projects each year, working diligently to raise funds and provide hands-on assistance to those in need. “There is a sense of satisfaction when we complete a service project or flagship event and I overhear our residents say that they look forward to our next one,” said Brown.

The association was previously recognized by the City of Sugar Hill in 2021 for its work to bring together, recognize, and celebrate the diverse parts of the community after organizing the city’s first Black History Month and Juneteenth celebrations. “As a founding member, it warms my heart to see BWASH’s growth that stemmed from the simple desire to meet and connect with like-minded women,” Brown said.

Brown’s journey is marked by dedication, resilience and an unwavering love for fostering connections among women. “Doing work in the sweet City of Sugar Hill,” she added, “never feels like hard work and is always rewarding when the task is done.”


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