September 14, 2020 — Sugar Hill Mayor Steve Edwards called the September Sugar Hill Council meeting to order at promptly 7:30 p.m. Sept. 14, 2020, at the Sugar Hill City Hall.

In city proclamations, the Boy Scout Troop 1534 was given an award for all of their hard work throughout the city. 

The City of Sugar Hill declared Sept. 25, 2020, as Building Babies’ Brains Day in recognition of early brain development for children under the age of five. This is to bring awareness to the learning gaps that young children are facing and the need to put forth the extra effort to help them be prepared for kindergarten. 

The month of September is known as the month for childhood cancer, which has affected one in 285 American children. The city has declared the month of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to reaffirm its commitment to fighting for improved treatment, advanced research and brighter futures everywhere. 

In Council reports, Council member Marc Cohen noted his participation in the cultural diversity training event where he learned about the difference between equality and equity within the community. He gave a shoutout to the maintenance staff for cleaning up the trees and debris throughout the city. The council member is also celebrating a series of Jewish holidays this month and sends out his good wishes to everyone who is also celebrating the Jewish holidays. 

Council member Brandon Hembree reminded residents of the seasonal downtown cleanup event, which was set to be held Sept. 19.
Mayor Steve Edwards said the city will host an election Nov. 3 to replace City Council Seat Post # 4. Absentee ballot forms will be released Oct. 12 and can be requested by filling out the form at

For more information on Absentee ballots within the city, visit the Sugar Hill Absentee Voting Page on the city’s website.

City Manager Paul Radford acknowledged an unfortunate event that occurred at Gary Pirkle Park on Aug. 29 and reported on the latest updates in the shooting incident. The city is going through a housing supply issue that helps current homeowners who wish to sell, but the event does affect property values in the city. 

Gary Pirkle Park is being further developed to accommodate the growing demand. 

A motion to accept request funding for the national CARES Act was passed. The CARES Act will help reimburse local governments for extra expenses incurred due to the pandemic.

Economic Development Director Mercy Montgomery reported the city has released a new line of merchandise. The veterans’ monument is expected to be fully completed in the near future.

The 2020-2021 Youth Council was sworn in. The leadership goes as follows, Bhaumi Shah as Youth Mayor, Alexis Ducote as Youth Mayor Pro-Tem, Harshika Mehta as Secretary and Milen Patel and Avery Tam as Youth Ambassador Co-Presidents. Daniel Park, Bailey Coleman and Maya Laurens have been appointed as Youth Council Members. 

The Youth Council is accepting new Youth Ambassador members and is planning a virtual financial management event.

In citizen comments, Amber Chambers discussed the delay in meeting minutes for the city council meetings. She suggested posting a draft on the website and adjusting it accordingly to promote city transparency. 

In new business, one of the youngest members on the Downtown Development Authority division, Mason Roszel, was appointed by the City Council. 

The city will be issuing an eminent domain on a property to complete a roadway realignment and transportation use at 1196 Level Creek Road. A resident spoke against the decision, saying there was very little information received to the property owners on the matter. He has requested an open request that has not been granted and requests a minimum 30-day delay. The motion was tabled. 

City staff recommended the approval of a 19-foot front yard setback along Deer Crossing Drive (property address is 6409 Grand Loop Drive) to allow for an attached garage. The motion was approved with a list of conditions.

Lidl US is requesting a design review approval from the city. It would be located on the northwest corner of Nelson Brogdon Boulevard. and Sycamore Road. The motion was approved with special conditions.

This concluded the regular meeting. The council and staff went into an executive session. 

The next Sugar Hill Council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12 at Sugar Hill City Hall.


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