March 9, 2020— Sugar Hill Mayor Steve Edwards called the March Sugar Hill Council meeting to order at promptly 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Sugar Hill City Hall. Following the pledge, city proclamations were in order. Council Member Marc Cohen announced the Natural Gas Utilities Day which will be held on March 18, 2020. This day is to recognize the hard work and accomplishments by the American Public Gas Association (AGPA) following the 1937 school explosion in New London, Texas and their diligence in providing the source is a safe and effective method.

In Council reports, Council Member Susie Walker will be working at the Community Garden this Spring and is excited about the Sugar Hill Bowl concert lineup. Council Member Cohen informed its citizens about the art gallery located in the city hall. Council Member Taylor Anderson invites the community to ‘Coffee with a Council’ alongside Council Member Brandon Hembree. The event offers citizens the opportunity to discuss the role of a council member and what it means to work for the city. Council Member Anderson also thanked the citizens who came out to the downtown cleanup and recognized Jack Wolfe who has been mentoring the Boy Scouts. He has recently been working on several city projects. Mayor Edwards welcomed his parents from Florida as they watched him lead the city.

City Clerk Jane Whittington reported on city logistics which included 13 new business licenses and 185 passports issued in February. City Manager Paul Radford reported on the E Center membership which has grown to 9,500 as of March. The Eagle Theatre will be busy with movies playing this spring break, as well as, several private showcases. Economic Development Director Mercy Montgomery announced the official “Guide to Sugar Hill” that highlights important businesses and sights around the city. It is available to the public at The monthly gas newsletter will be sent out to the public soon. Montgomery thanked the city for their enthusiasm for the Puzzle Day event at Sugar Hill. The city also received a number of puzzle donations.

Youth Council Mayor Khushi Mehta reported on the activities the Youth Council has been working on. The group is setting up voter registration booths at their local high schools and is working with city staff for a city-wide scavenger hunt to take pictures and be submitted in a drawing for a small prize.

In old business, the city staff recommends approval of a zoning amendment Sale of Cannabidiol, Tobacco, and Vape. The problem was previously tabled by the council and discussed in detail. This will prohibit vape shops and limit stores selling tobacco and cannabidiol to special use permits with restrictions. In new business, eleven reappointments were issued into the Historic Preservation Society alongside one new member, Ryan Butts. 

The Community Garden has grown tremendously from the past year. Garden Plots are now full at Gary Pirkle Park and membership is on a waiting list. Mayor Steve Edwards suggested the possible expansion of the Community Garden as a huge audience took the stage to give their thanks to the city.

The change in zoning conditions was requested by the Primrose Creek subdivision. The road was issued for reparations but has gained opposition in fear of increased traffic concerns. The community in Hillcrest Drive has not been supportive of the addition. The motion was approved by the council and will now pay attention to the requests of the community.

The city received an application from Gaultney Development Company LLC to allow variance in allowing metal as a building material. The resolution allows “building design standards” in single and double family dwellings. The resolution is in place to establish a positive impact on economic development. The resolution was approved and will now be passed to the state for multi-city approval.

The construction contract for the Peachtree Industrial Greenway Trail Realignment project has requested $769,000. The project is in a total of 3,320 feet in length with significant guardrails, utility work, and stable concrete. If accepted, the project is intended to be raised from local SPLOST money (totaling over two million dollars). The money was awarded for the project by the council.

This concluded the regular session. The council and staff went into executive session. The next Sugar Hill City Council meeting will be held on April 13, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. at Sugar Hill City Hall.


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