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After deciding to step away from politics, Georgia state representative David Clark (R-98) has announced he will indeed seek reelection for the Georgia House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm election.

“Back in June,” Clark stated in a news release, “I announced that I would not be seeking re-election, to devote more time to my growing family, business, and military obligations. It was my sincere hope that someone would step up to take the reins against corruption in our government and be a voice that puts people over politics. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.”


With only weeks to go before the filing deadline on Friday, March 11, Clark, an active member of the military, has decided he will step up and seek reelection with hopes of continuing to serve the people of Buford and Sugar Hill. Clark has represented District 98 since 2015 and will now run to represent the newly drawn District 100. 

“The values that compelled me to serve our country overseas are calling me back to the fight to decrease the size and scope of government and hold the powerful accountable,” Clark said. “I’ve never walked away from a battle before; after prayerful consideration and my wife’s encouragement, I don’t plan to begin doing so now.”

As occurs every 10 years following the U.S. Census, Georgia’s legislative map was redrawn in 2021. The redistricting was met with widespread criticism from opponents, stating the new districts are gerrymandered to favor Republicans. The 2021 redistricting was led by Bonnie Rich (R-97), who served as chair of the House Redistricting Committee. 

The new district lines place Rich in contention for the area Clark has served.

As his two-year term ends, Clark hopes to rejoin the 180-member house legislature in January 2023.

“Our families deserve to have someone who legislates by always considering the next generation instead of their next election,” Clark said. “Our district deserves someone who isn’t afraid of standing for what’s right and being a voice for all even if it means standing alone. If we don’t stand up now to corruption and overreach of government, then we won’t have a nation to call our own.”

The general midterm election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, while a primary is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24. If necessary, the primary runoff is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21.

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