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Atlanta based artist, Roxane Hollosi put the finishing touches together for her new art exhibit, wiping sweat from her brow and fingerprints from her pieces. Originally from the midwest but now located in Sandy Springs, Hollosi spoke about her background, her art, and what motivates her at the opening reception for  her new exhibit held on August 11, 2018 at the Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford, GA.

  Artist Roxane Hollosi talks about her artwork to attendees of the opening reception for the new Tannery Row Artist Colony Art Exhibit featuring her work. Photo credit: Katiee McKinstry
Artist Roxane Hollosi talks about her artwork to attendees of the opening reception for the new Tannery Row Artist Colony Art Exhibit featuring her work. Photo credit: Katiee McKinstry

Hollosi’s exhibit is about exploring the soul of a woman, internally and externally. Her art is an expression of nature because Hollosi believes that in order to discover yourself you must go back to the beginning.“When I was a kid I was always playing outside,” Hollosi said. “My art is about going back to that.”

Throughout the exhibit there is a calmness within each of Hollosi’s works. Upon walking into the gallery, there is a basket of branches on the floor with inspiring quotes dangling from them. She placed the basket there for viewers to take the branches, and connect with nature a little bit more as they wander around the exhibit. This adds to the calm feeling of the exhibit, and makes a connection with the earth and the soul.

Hollosi often uses bees as a form of expression. The last two summers in her life, Hollosi has been experiencing huge influxes of bees in her backyard, which influenced her connection with nature, and thus her art.“Life is about the sweet whispers. Trees, bees… pollinators help us produce most of our food, we could not live without them,” Hollosi stated.

There is a flow about the exhibit, from each work to the next. Hollosi believes in the flow of gravity, and that every human is on their own life path. Several of her pieces are called “Gravity Flow” and depict just that. You can see from the lines of each painting or drawing that there is a connection to various pathways people take in life, and it’s not only inspiring, but relatable to the craziness of the everyday.

Hollosi’s exhibit is inspirational because it highlights the fact that we are only human, and we should be connecting to ourselves through nature. Checking out this exhibit is a must, because it gives you time to reflect on your life by giving you a moment to pause and appreciate the earth. What makes you happy? What path are you on in life?

Hollosi quoted musician Passenger as one of her inspirations by saying, “all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts.” The artist believes the world, particularly America, is a loud place full of shouting, and in order to find ourselves we must go back to nature. We all begin from nature, as sweets whispers. This is evident in Hollosi’s work, as she has incorporated bees, branches, shells, and rocks around and inside of her art.

Growing up a column in the gallery is a wire art piece full of different patches and fabrics. Hollosi states that this is her vision of America, full of different kinds of people and places. This piece speaks volumes, because it illuminates the melting pot that is America – full of different patterns, colors, shapes and sizes. This piece is easy to get lost in, because it is so unique and beautiful.

Hollosi is a multi-medium artist meaning that she uses all different kinds of materials in her art. She can be found using paper, canvas, sculpture, branches, and more. “Paper is my favorite,” Hollosi exclaimed. “Once you put something on paper, it’s really difficult to erase. It’s there forever.”

Hollosi’s exhibit will be available for wandering from August 11th to September 29th at the Tannery Row Artist Colony located at 554 W Main Street,  Buford GA 30518. For more information please visit


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